Mountaineering course at University of Alicante.

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New introductory course in mountaineering, hiking, orienteering and survival at the University of Alicante at 15 to 21 February. It will have a theoretical online part from 15 to 18 February and a practical part at the mountian on weekend. It's open to all adults, it doesn't matter if they are academics at UA or not.

Mountaineering courses dates

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Take a look to our mountaineering course dates. Teorical and practical subjects about mapping, meteorology, mountain progression, first aids, map and compass orienteering, survival skills and bivouac.

Mountaineering course 27 - 29 apr

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New edition of our mountaineering course: hiking, orienteering and survival skills. Theorical and practical content of cartography, map and compass orienteering, mountain profression, mountain weather, first aids, survival and bivouac. ????️????️⛈️???? ???? 27 - 29 apr

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