Video: Aleksandra Taistra 'Ola', winter at Spain - Oliana 2014

Curso de montañismo Universidad de Alicante.

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Sign up now to our new introduction to mountaineering course at University of Alicante!!

Body position and finger strength training

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The Climbing Movement Essential Training Series on Youtube is kind of awesome. The series is composed of a number of well produced videos that focus on different aspects of training for climbing. The following video is specifically oriented toward training for body position and strength. Essentially, you will put yourself into some difficult climbing postures and hold yourself there to build up strength.

New group at our climbing course!!

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If you couldn't sign up at our climbing course at University of Alicante you have a new chance this Thursday on our new group from 20:00 to 22:00. Go to sport center at University of Alicante and sign up now!! we speak english ;)


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La escalada es una disciplina que como sus practicantes bien saben, genera una demanda corporal muy alta, en especial en las zonas más distales del cuerpo (dedos y pies) y por lo mismo, un gran número de eventos lesivos pueden ocurrir tanto en gimnasios como en la roca en cualquiera de sus disciplinas. Estudios realizados en escalada deportiva y Boulder reportan una alta tasa de lesión, que van desde las 103 lesiones/100participantes/año a 137 le
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