Shipping and Returns

The transport of your package

Packages are usually shipped the same day of purchase (before 7pm ) and received by the customer the next day of purchase (before 7pm ) . Shipments may be delayed by:
- Out of stock in ROCAYNEVE : in this case the delay depends on the provider, usually between 2 to 5 days.
- Out of stock in ROCAYNIEVE and in the supplier: in this case could be delayed much or even not come at all, ROCAYNIEVE will refund the full amount of the purchase by the same way it has been paid .
- Collapse in the business, holidays or holiday closures of ROCAYNIEVE : this will not going to delay the sending more than 2 days.
The packages will be shipped by MRW with their corresponding shipping insurance. For international or special deliveries can be arranged another more economic shipping company if any.
You can receive the product in the direction of your choice ( home, work, friend) or any MRW office.


If the product is defective transport agency will pick you up at home and just send you another for free.
If you want to exchange it for any other reason ROCAYNIEVE only charge you the shipping to our store and send the new item to your home for free (ask for international shipping). The product should arrive no wear and tear and its packaging, if any, otherwise the amount won't be returned and only the item will be returned if the customer pays the shipping.
Safety equipment and books and maps are not returnable.
To manage a return you must contact us at or (+34) 966 352 065. (Only morning from 10:00 to 14:00 for english conversation or (+34 655850243).
The deadline for any refund is 30 days from the date of purchase.

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